Meet the Glam Grind girls, Grace + Lindsay.

Hello World!

Welcome to our blog. We are Grace and Lindsay, and we are excited that you are here!

Our thoughts and feelings are what make us human. If we learn to be mindful of them, we can shape our life experience into something beautiful. Through our content, we aim to explore multiple perspectives on deeper topics, while also enjoying the fun in the trivial ones. We share a faith in Jesus, which includes valuing, loving, and respecting all walks of life. You are welcome here. 

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Grace Peil | Co-Editor-in-Chief

Grace is a creative entrepreneur who is also the founder of a tutoring company Student Society. While Glam Grind is currently her hobby, she hopes sharing her love of fashion and health will eventually become a full-time gig. She has been married to her husband Chris for 6 years and has a two-year-old daughter, Leighton. She spends her free time training for marathons and hitting up kid-friendly happy hours. Her roots are in the Florida Keys, but she has loved her new adventure out here in Denver. 


Lindsay Johnson | Co-Editor-in-Chief

Lindsay was born and raised in New York and is currently dwelling in the tropics of south Florida. She works as a Creative Director in the corporate world and fills up every second of her free time with freelance work and performing as an acrobat (lol true story). A typical INTJ and addicted to the creative process, she  is passionate about pursuing and mastering any creative medium she finds interesting. You’ll occasionally find her living off matcha lattes and vegan cookies as she runs to her 3rd rehearsal of the week or finishes up that final web project.