Meet the Glam Grind girls, Grace + Heather.


Hello World!

We are Grace Peil and Heather Rice, based out of the lovely Denver, Colorado. We are the creators of this spunky blog and website, Glam Grind. We are going into our first couple months so bear with us as we add more content for you to enjoy! We might be new to the blogging scene but trust us when we say we are here to inspire! We are excited to share with you our style advice, fitness motivation, healthy lifestyle, and so much more.

To blog or not to blog? That is the question!

When we first met it was easy to see we had a lot in common and shared very similar goals. We serve as such positive motivators to each other and we knew we could help others in the same way. Every time we get together hours always fly by as we chat about our favorite bloggers, the latest fashion trend or what race we could run next. Eventually, we realized we too should be sharing our ideas with the world and just like that Glam Grind was born. Together our goal is to inspire women to live fit and healthy life styles while being well-dressed. 

So why read our blog?

First, we are gonna drop a little truth on you. We are imperfect, edgy women that most definitely don’t have their shit together all of the time. It’s okay to make mistakes, and it makes us all that more human. Having the lifestyle you want is obtainable and doesn’t have to be full of stress and pain*. We want to show you how to find the balance of having a healthy lifestyle while enjoying every second of it. Most importantly we want to help you realize just how kick-ass you really are!

Watch out world we are just getting started!

Hopefully if you have made it this far you dig our vibes and are wanting to keep up to date with what's happening in the Glam Grind world. 

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